Real-time graphing of torque and angle

Graphing of torque and angle in real-time

Real-time graphing of torque and angle

Confirm torque and angle simultaneously in real time!

Easily graph the real-time measurements of torque and angle values.

  • Where is the breaking torque?
  • What is the relationship between torque and angle?
  • What is the torque value when turned 90 degrees?
  • How many times do I have to turn the bolt to break it?

When the torque wrench is tightened, data on the instantaneous torque value and angle is transmitted from the torque wrench every 50ms. Data received by the PC is plotted on a graph for easy viewing.
Output to Excel is also possible.

Acquired data can also be output to Excel!

Graphs on the screen can be exported to Excel with a single click.

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