Adrec Corp. offers two products to help you
improve your work efficiency.

Wireless digital torque wrench

Automatic torque setting using DigiProMaster!
Notifications by "Sound, Light, and Vibration"

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Automatic creation of database of work history, automatic output of inspection sheets, linkage with other devices

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All kinds of work data can be captured by linking with other devices.

Using Adrec's products will improve "work efficiency" and "production efficiency"!

It makes the work extremely easy for the operator!


Enables administratorsto manage data without leaks!


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Preventing human error such as forgetting to tighten or not tightening enough
Creating a traceability system at the request of manufacturers
Managing work progress status
Stabilization assembly quality
Reduction in the time spent on data management
Making work instructions easy to understand
Reduction in the number of torque wrenches
Linking with and aquiring data of existing equipment

What you can do with Adrec's products

We will provide solutions to to the following issues.

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Many well-known companies throughout Japan have adopted our products.
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Many companies have already adopted our products and are using them in a wide variety of ways.
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